Travel Resources and TEFL Lesson Plans – With PDF Handouts

Travel Resources and TEFL Lesson Plans - With PDF Handouts


Hey English teacher! Looking for some great ESL lesson plans and handouts on travel and tourism to liven up the classroom for your students?


This week we’ve been focusing on travel resources for ‘Module 201 – Joe Goes To China’ at which means that we’ve been gathering extra material on EFL flight and hotel reservation exercises, restaurant ordering dialogues, and just about anything else that goes along with the theme.


Anyway…here are some of the resources I located this morning and will be sharing in our next teacher meeting…but I figured it could help a lot of other English teachers as well.


Beware of Con Artists When Traveling Abroad – 3 Role play activity ideas for traveling abroad (hotel, taxi, and making out traveler checks) with explanations of common con artist tricks to steal students money. (Good for using with 204 – Dan’s Dilemma).


Restaurant Ideas  – Crazy and funny ideas for restaurant role-play and dialogues to help students with ordering food and drinks…as well as paying the bill.


Travel Agency Dialogue (PDF) – A gap-fill exercise based on a dialogue. It comes with the teacher key.


Hotel Registration (PDF) – Students work in pairs to fill out hotel registration card…with one student being the clerk and the other the guest.


Crossword Puzzle (PDF) – Gap-fill exercise with travel words used to fill in the crossword puzzle.


ESL Library (Paid) – Interesting resources and lesson plans with ready-made exercises for travel preparation


Breaking News English Lesson Plan & Activities



Dialogue Role Play – Some students are travel agents and others are passengers with cue cards. Passengers have to find best flight and time by talking to the travel agents.




Okay teachers…your turn to share the love now! Add your own TEFL resources and lesson plans in the comments below. Make sure to let us know which of the above resources you found most helpful and how you used them too.


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