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104.1 How To Steal A Car: Personalized Dictionary - Teacher Key

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Write your own definition for the words and then write at least two sentences for each one to make sure you understand how to use them properly.

Bad: The word ‘bad’ is the opposite of good. It means that someone or something does not do things or function the right way. One who is bad enjoys harming others.
  • He is a bad boy.
  • The bad boy kicked the girl.

At: This is a preposition that is used to describe the location of a person or item. It is generally used to describe the number of someone’s house or the actual location where they are.
  • He works at the mall.
  • Are you at home now?

Has: This is a verb used to describe ownership or belonging of some possession or attitude. It is used in the third person singular for the verb ‘to have’.
  • She has a computer we can borrow.
  • He has some really bad attitudes that we need to deal with.


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