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104.3 Karate Master: Personalized Dictionary - Teacher Key

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Write your own definition for the words and then write at least two sentences for each one to make sure you understand how to use them properly.

Back: This refers to the portion of your body behind your chest and stomach. Your back is the portion of your body that presses against a chair when you sit or the bed when you lie down.
  • The coach slapped everyone on the back after the game.
  • I scraped my back when they dragged me into the pool.
Wallet: A wallet is an object used to carry cash and documents in your pocket. Your wallet keeps everything together and neatly organized so that you don’t lose them.
  • He just bought a new wallet.
  • I put your wallet on top of the dresser.
Laugh: This is a word that means to let out a loud, joyful sound when you are happy. You usually laugh when you are happy or see something funny.
  • We all laughed until we cried.
  • They laughed when the boy fell off his bike.


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