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104.4 Bad Thief: Q&A Mini-Story

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Instructions: Listen to the story several times and answer each question out loud.

Travis is a bad thief.

What does Travis do? He is a thief.

Is he a good thief or a bad thief? He is a bad thief.

He holds up old ladies at the corner.

What is he doing? He is holding up little old ladies.

Where is he holding them up? At the corners

He steals cash from their bags.

Why is he holding them up? He is stealing cash from them.

Where do they keep the cash? In their bags.

One night, he is waiting for his next victim at the corner of Bradford Street and Sacks Avenue.

When is he waiting? At night

What is he waiting for? His next victim

After a while, Travis sees that a little old lady is walking his way.

Who does he see? An old lady who is walking towards him.

Where does he see her? At the corner of Bradford and Sacks.

She is holding a big bag.

What is she holding? A big bag

Is she carrying a lot of money? I don’t know yet. We have to wait to find out.

When she is walking past him, he sticks a gun in her back.

What is she doing? Maggie is walking past Travis.

Does he give her some money? No, he sticks a gun in her back.

He is asking her to hand over the bag.

What is he asking her? He is asking her to hand over her bag.

Why is he asking for her bag? Because he wants her cash.

The old lady’s name is Maggie.

What is the lady’s name? Her name is Maggie.

Is she a young lady? No, she isn’t.

She is getting very mad at Travis for taking her bag.

How does she feel? Angry. She is getting mad at Travis.

Why is she getting mad at Travis? Because he is taking her bag.

Maggie is turning around and spraying mace in his eyes.

What is she doing? She is turning and spraying Mace.

Is she spraying the mace on his belly? No, she is spraying it in his face.

Maggie can’t stop laughing at him.

Who is laughing? Maggie.

Who is she laughing at? At Travis

This is very shocking to Travis.

How does Travis feel? Shocked

Why is this shocking? Because he thought he would steal her cash easily.

He is screaming and rolling on the ground.

Where is Travis? On the ground.

What is he doing on the ground? He is screaming and rolling around.

He can’t see Maggie.

Can Travis see Maggie? No, he can’t.

Who can he see? No one. He has mace in his eyes.

Now, she is smashing him over the head with her bag.

What is Maggie doing to Travis? She is smashing him over the head with her bag.

When is she doing this? Right now.

Travis is lying on the ground unconscious.

Is Travis lying in bed? No, he isn’t.

Where is he lying? On the ground.

The old lady is taking his wallet and calling an ambulance.

What is Maggie taking from Travis? His wallet

Who is Maggie calling? 911 to send an ambulance

Maggie is still laughing at Travis.

Is Travis laughing? No, he isn’t laughing. He is unconscious.

Who is laughing? Maggie

The ambulance is coming to take Travis to the hospital.

Is Maggie taking Travis to the hospital? No

Who is taking him to the hospital? The ambulance

Travis wakes up in the ambulance.

Who wakes up? Travis

Where is he when he wakes up? He is in the ambulance.

Travis cannot remember his name.

What can Travis not remember? His name

Why can’t he remember his name? Maggie hit him on the head with her bag.

Maggie is still laughing at him as the ambulance drives away.

Why is Maggie laughing at Travis? Because he didn’t steal her bag

What did she take from Travis? His wallet.



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