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104.2 Bad Brad And The Band: Vocabulary Lesson

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Instructions: Listen to the vocabulary lesson several times. Repeat the words and make sure you understand what they mean.

Hey! How’s it hanging?

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at the meaning of several more words that you’ll hear in this story…as well as give you several sample sentences to help you understand how they are used.

The first word is ‘smash’. This word means that something is destroyed violently by hitting or beating. It gives us the idea that the object referred to is crushed or broken beyond repair.

John loves smashing things just for the fun of it. Once, he smashed a carton of eggs all over the neighbor’s front porch. Another time, he smashed into a mailbox to see what would happen.

  • Nancy smashed the plate over his head.
  • The smashed guitar could not be repaired.

Another word that you will hear in this story is the word ‘cash’. This word is used in reference to money. Cash is the money that you carry around with you in your wallet or purse to pay for items as opposed to checks or credit cards.

Mark doesn’t have a credit card. He only pays cash for the things he buys. However, Mary doesn’t like to carry much cash. She is afraid of being robbed and having all her cash taken.

  • Will you pay cash or put it on your card?
  • He always carries a lot of cash around with him.

And the last word here is the verb ‘to ask’. To ask for something means that you request or beseech someone to give you something or do something on your behalf.

Bobby is always asking for handouts. He should stop asking and get a job. Lucy never asks for help. Once, she fell down the steps and sprained her ankle. She didn’t ask anyone to give her a ride to the hospital. She walked all the way there.

  • She asked her father for some extra cash to spend at the concert.
  • Could I ask you to do me a huge favor?

Okay! So, go listen to your mini-story and see if you can find these words.

Have fun!



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